How to get around blocking

There are several ways to get around unwanted blocking by your internet provider:

1. Install the plug-ins for Firefox, Chrome and Opera: friGate or ZenMate. This method is the fastest solution and is completely free.

2. Enable Turbo mode, which is built-in Opera and Yandex Browser. In case you use these browsers, it is recommended to try these modes, but stable operation is not guaranteed.

3. Install Tor browser or PirateBrowser. You will have to download and install the selected program, which in return will give you a sufficient and secure browser, totally free!

4. Connect to one of the most popular VPN services: for example, Secure VPN or HideMyAss or IPVanish. This method is a good security solution that encrypts your traffic, but its usage is payable.

5. Alternatively, on mobile devices, install Aloha Browser. The application is easy to install from the Apple store, Google play and the official website and completely free.

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